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Business improvement opportunities inspired the introduction of a business named Target Hunter

In 2018, Target Hunter was unearthed to discover new horizons for unchartered business possibilities. A new business was created for three simple reasons.​ To be resourceful. To be different. And to provide without any question, the very best education for the people of the motor industry. Through innovation and the need for serious change within the automotive industry, Target Hunter sets new boundaries for accountability to provide business owners and mentors with the professional business tools and training resources to dramatically improve the quality and accuracy of a motor dealership, and most especially it’s people. Target Hunter provides genuine leadership controls for its leaders, to assert a training culture of confidence, self-assurance and systematic growth.

Target Hunter offers a unique solution for business accomplishment through the passion of its founder, Dean Guberina. Growing up among a fanatical sporting family, Dean’s deep knowledge of sport and especially Rugby Union, crafted a career over thirteen seasons at the highest competitive levels. Being coached by, playing with and against many of the world’s best, endorsed his knowledge of the game to the cauldron of intense motives. Dean’s weekly motivation for rugby was to grow his sporting prowess and to compete and win by challenging such areas as fitness, strength, speed, agility, endurance, skills, results, leadership and most especially teamwork.

At the age of sixteen, Dean commenced his professional life in business as an apprentice motor technician, learning numerous life skills and work disciplines to cultivate the intrigue. Over the next thirty years, Dean worked through ten different roles of employment within a Mercedes-Benz dealership to become the youngest ever Dealer Principal in the Mercedes-Benz network. Challenged as a new Dealer Principal with wondering how to take the lead role of the business and locate the solution for a successful future, Dean acted in the only way he knew, by adopting his lifetime of highly competitive sporting knowledge and team-building initiatives with his business ambitions and the results were a dramatic impact of success. Learning to mentor people, training and coaching, adapting to new challenges and principles, all came as a natural progression for Dean. Over the following sixteen years, the dealership under his guidance achieved numerous business awards and dealer of the year titles to reward excellence and greatness within the motor industry.

Dean’s primary focus as a Business Performance Consultant is to share his powerful knowledge with business owners to collaborate numerous exciting and unique initiatives. Target Hunter provides a competitive edge in all aspects of a retail sales business. Dean’s deep passion for understanding the people business, the nuts and bolts business structure, systems and procedures linked in harmony with efficient process tools, characterises the key elements to encourage improved business results and growth.

​His vast business experience, across every business level of a motor dealership, coupled with a step-by-step documented educational platform which targets never-ending-improvement values will greatly benefit any sales business in pursuit of its full operational potential. Dean’s lifetime of knowledge and involvement with the world’s leading global brand of Mercedes-Benz, assists Target Hunter with a dynamic edge and a powerful source of influence for the essential ways every business should convey itself in the future business arena to pursue greatness.